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PROBLEM 4.20 KNOWN: Dimensions, thermal conductivity and inner surface temperature of furnace wall. Ambient conditions. FIND: Heat loss. SCHEMATIC: ASSUMPTIONS: (1) Steady-state, (2) Uniform convection coefficient over entire outer surface of container, (3) Negligible radiation losses. A NALYSIS: From the thermal circuit, the heat loss is s,i cond(2D) conv TT q RR = + where R conv = 1/hA s,o = 1/6(hW 2 ) = 1/6[5 W/m 2 K(5 m) 2 ] = 0.00133 K/W. From Equation (4.21), the two- imensional conduction resistance is d cond(2D) 1 R Sk = where the shape factor S must include the effects of conduction through the 8 corners, 12 edges and 6
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