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PROBLEM 4.43 KNOWN: Two-dimensional network with prescribed nodal temperatures and thermal conductivity of he material. t FIND: Heat rate per unit length normal to page, q. SCHEMATIC: Node T i ( ° C) 1 120.55 2 120.64 3 121.29 4 123.89 5 134.57 6 150.49 7 147.14 ASSUMPTIONS: (1) Steady-state conditions, (2) Two-dimensional heat transfer, (3) No internal olumetric generation, (4) Constant properties. v ANALYSIS: Construct control volumes around the nodes on the surface maintained at the uniform temperature T s and indicate the heat rates. The heat rate per unit length is abcd q qqqqq e ′′′′′ = ++++ r in terms of conduction terms between nodes, o 123457 qqq q q q q ′′′ =+++++ . Each of these rates can be written in terms of nodal temperatures and control volume dimensions using ourier’s law,
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