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problem4-65 - PROBLEM 4.65 KNOWN Long rectangular bar...

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PROBLEM 4.65 KNOWN: Long rectangular bar having one boundary exposed to a convection process (T , h) while he other boundaries are maintained at constant temperature T s . t FIND: Using the finite-element method of FEHT, (a) Determine the temperature distribution, plot the isotherms, and identify significant features of the distribution, (b) Calculate the heat rate per unit length (W/m) into the bar from the air stream, and (c) Explore the effect on the heat rate of increasing the convection coefficient by factors of two and three; explain why the change in the heat rate is not roportional to the change in the convection coefficient. p SCHEMATIC: A SSUMPTIONS: (1) Steady-state, two-dimensional conduction, (2) Constant properties. ANALYSIS: (a) The symmetrical section shown in the schematic is drawn in FEHT with the specified boundary conditions and material property. The View | Temperature Contours command is used to represent ten isotherms (isopotentials) that have minimum and maximum values of 53.9 ° C and 85.9 ° C, respectively. Because of the symmetry boundary condition, the isotherms are normal to the center-plane indicating
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