problem4-69 - PROBLEM 4.69 KNOWN: Hot-plate tool for...

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PROBLEM 4.69 KNOWN: Hot-plate tool for micro-lithography processing of 300-mm silicon wafer consisting of an aluminum alloy equalizing block (EB) heated by ring-shaped main and trim electrical heaters (MH and H) providing two-zone control. T FIND: The assignment is to size the heaters, MH and TH, by specifying their applied heat fluxes, and their radial extents, mh th qa n d q ′′ , mh th ra n d r Δ Δ , to maintain an operating temperature of 140 ° C with a uniformity of 0.1 ° C. Consider these steps in the analysis: (a) Perform an energy balance on the EB to obtain an initial estimate for the heater fluxes with mh th qq = extending over the full radial limits; using FEHT , determine the upper surface temperature distribution and comment on whether the desired uniformity has been achieved; (b) Re-run your FEHT code with different values of the heater fluxes to obtain the best uniformity possible and plot the surface temperature distribution; (c) Re-run your FEHT code for the best arrangement found in part (b) using the representative distribution of the convection coefficient (see schematic for h(r) for downward flowing gas across the upper surface of the EB; adjust the heat flux of TH to obtain improved uniformity; and d) Suggest changes to the design for improving temperature uniformity.
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problem4-69 - PROBLEM 4.69 KNOWN: Hot-plate tool for...

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