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problem4-81 - PROBLEM 4.81 KNOWN Upper surface of a platen...

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PROBLEM 4.81 KNOWN: Upper surface of a platen heated by hot fluid through the flow channels is used to heat a rocess fluid. p FIND: (a) The maximum allowable spacing, W, between channel centerlines that will provide a uniform temperature requirement of 5 ° C on the upper surface of the platen, and (b) Heat rate per unit ength from the flow channel for this condition. l SCHEMATIC: ASSUMPTIONS: (1) Steady-state, two-dimensional conduction with constant properties, and (2) ower surface of platen is adiabatic. L ANALYSIS: As shown in the schematic above for a symmetrical section of the platen-flow channel arrangement, the temperature uniformity requirement will be met when T 1 – T 2 = 5 ° C. The maximum temperature, T 1 , will occur directly over the flow channel centerline, while the minimum surface temperature, T 2 , will occur at the mid-span between channel centerlines. We chose to use FEHT to obtain the temperature distribution and heat rate for guessed values of the channel centerline spacing, W.
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