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PROBLEM 4S.6 K NOWN: Shape and surface conditions of a support column. FIND: (a) Heat transfer rate per unit length. (b) Height of a rectangular bar of equivalent hermal resistance. t SCHEMATIC: ASSUMPTIONS: (1)Steady-state conditions, (2) Negligible three-dimensional conduction ffects, (3) Constant properties, (4) Adiabatic sides. e P ROPERTIES: Table A-1 , Steel, AISI 1010 (323K): k = 62.7 W/m K. ANALYSIS: (a) From the flux plot for the half section, M 5 and N 8. Hence for the f ull section () 12 M S 2 1.25 N qS kT T W q 1.25 62.7 100 0 C mK =≈ =− ≈× D A A < q 7.8 kW/m. ′ ≈ ( b) The rectangular bar provides for one-dimensional heat transfer.
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