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problem4S.8 - PROBLEM 4S.8 KNOWN Two-dimensional square...

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PROBLEM 4S.8 KNOWN : Two-dimensional, square shapes, 1 m to a side, maintained at uniform temperatures as prescribed, perfectly insulated elsewhere. FIND : Using the flux plot method, estimate the heat rate per unit length normal to the page if the thermal onductivity is 50 W/m K c ASSUMPTIONS : (1) Steady-state, two-dimensional conduction, (2) Constant properties. ANALYSIS : Use the methodology of Section 4S.1 to construct the flux plots to obtain the shape factors from which the heat rates can be calculated. With Figure (a), begin at the lower-left side making the isotherms almost equally spaced, since the heat flow will only slightly spread toward the right. Start sketching the adiabats in the vicinity of the T 2 surface. The dashed line represents the adiabat which separates the shape into two segments. Having recognized this feature, it was convenient to identify
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