6 - RNA-Differs from DNA in that o Ribose sugar—Thing RNA...

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10/6/10 Key points from Monday Describe the basic model of DNA structure including directionality of the backbones. Describe the function of the various molecules associated with DNA replication. Differentiate and identify the leading and lagging strands. Phenylketonuria What did you find out about PKU? - Related to skin pigments - Cannot convert phenylalanine to tyrosine - Genetic disease (recessive) DNA’s main function is to make proteins Use DNA as a set of instructions to make proteins, not converting DNA to proteins DNA protein - Where to start - Which DNA backbone has the code - Where to end - Figure out how nucleotides relate to amino acids - Go from nucleotides to amino acids Central Dogma - Flow of information within a cell - The flow is largely in one direction - Figure 17.3 - DNA DNA (replication) - DNA RNA (transcription) - RNA DNA (reverse transcription) - RNA Protein (translation)
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Unformatted text preview: RNA -Differs from DNA in that: o Ribose sugar—Thing RNA is named for is Ribose sugar o Single Stranded—typically only one backbone, therefore does not form a double helix o Uracil instead of thymine Types of RNA-Messenger RNA: mRNA-Ribosomal RNA: rRNA -Transfer RNA: tRNA mRNA-Transcribed from DNA (true for all RNA’s) -Contains the code to build one polypeptide chain -Specific; 1 piece of mRNA is going to make one specific polypeptide chain Transcription-RNA polymerase binds to the promoter site (TATA box)-Figure 17.8 -RNA polymerase builds the new strand 5’ to 3’ with complementary RNA nucleotides -Anti-parallel -Figure 17.7-When RNA polymerase reaches the termination sequence it leaves the DNA and so does the RNA -Only one backbone of DNA transcribed Clicker: The DNA sequence 5’ATTGC would be transcribed as? 3’UAACG...
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6 - RNA-Differs from DNA in that o Ribose sugar—Thing RNA...

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