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CMPT 110-D100 Spring 2010 Assignment #1 Part 1 (60%) In this assignment, you will create a windows application with 1 form window, 4 labels, 2 text boxes, 1 list box, and 8 buttons. What each button will do when it is clicked is described in the following table: Button Name Task Windows Background Change the background colour of the form window Windows Size Increase the size of the form window Message for Label Display your message in the label Message for Text Box Display your message in the first text box Message for List Box Display your message in the list box Move Message Move the message from the first text box to the second text box Reset Restore the original property values of all control objects Exit Close the program One label is for displaying your message and the other three for captions of the text boxes and the list box. Design the user interface in a way that the user can easily understand and use it.
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Unformatted text preview: Marking Criteria: • Graphical User Input (GUI) Design: 20% • Correct Functionality: 60 % • Documentation: 20% Part 2 (40%) Draw a flowchart and a hierarchy chart and write pseudocode for the following task: Accept a customer’s deposit until the value -1 is entered. When the value -1 is entered, add the total deposit and its interest and display it. If the total deposit is greater than 10000, its interest rate is 10%. If the total deposit is equal to or less than 10000, but greater than 5000, its interest rate is 5%. If the total deposit is equal to or less than 5000, but greater than 1000, its interest rate is 2%. If the total deposit is equal to or less than 1000, there is no interest. Marking Criteria: • Flowchart: 35% • Pseudocode: 35 % • Hierarchy Chart: 30%...
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