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Nana Tabi 12-7-2010 Dr. Moulay-Ali Bouanani AFST 386F Extra credit response Rachida: A change must come The ending of Rachida was something I was expecting at all. The entire movie attempted to reveal the seriousness of terrorism and political strife. There were many comparisms to real life situation that is experienced by Arab and North African nations. The scene closest to the end of the film depicted the strength of the human spirit. Rachida was stranded outside during an ivasion by the terrorists and although she was afraid she managed to save the life of a baby. The way the film ended all together was very strange. It was an abrupt conclusion without giving any reasoning into the next events. The ambiguity of the end of the film was important in the fact that it gives a sense of
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Unformatted text preview: incompletion. The point of Rachida was to bring awareness to the different struggles facing North Africa. There were many issues that were brought to life. These issues include terrorism, misconceptions about North Africa and Islam. The director did a great job in the imagery and unbiased nature of the film. There are many things that can be learned from this film. I personally enjoyed the movie very much. I feel as if North Africans all across the world would agree with the way the movie was executed. It is often diffucult to empathize with someone’s struggle when you watch images that are altered on the news. Rachida gave me a better understanding of the issues facing North Africa and the solutions being developed to eradicate them....
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