12.3.10 BIPN 140 Last Lecture

12.3.10 BIPN 140 Last Lecture - 12.3.10 BIPN 140 Nicholas...

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12.3.10 BIPN 140 Nicholas C. Spitzer Mapping of neurons Slide 1 Left Pathway endogenous pathway Right Pathway exogenous pathway Errors in transmitter metabolism is responsible for some disorders (schizophrenia, etc.) Slide 2 Outline Slide 3 Patterson studying the ganglion neurons from the rat Put them in culture and put protein growth factors. Depolarized the celland put Calcium in they could prevent the Spitzer’s lab found that GABA differentiation (Calcium dependence) Slide 4 Xizonan Gu Movies of calcium signaling in the spinal cord Half of early spinal cord Loaded the cell with Calcium indicator Gold is high concentration Lateral sides in ventral side are spontaneously active (Calcium conc goes up and down on the sides) The calcium spikes last about 10 secs produced by APs that allow Na and Ca ions Ca induced Ca release from ER Take 1 neuron and digitized the calcium spike over an hour period Long duration low frequency of events Slide 5 RB-(sensory neurons) Glu MN-motor neurons Gly DLI-dorsal lateral interneurons ACh VI-Ventral interneurons GABA Each class express a different NTs Slide 6 if we change the activity do we change the NT? Rohon-Beard neurons HNK-1 surface glycoprotein for cell identity 8-9 per 100 micron distance Lim-3 transcription factor uniquely expressed in the neuron at this stage Suppressed spike activity with hKir2.1 increases expression of glutamatergic and cholinergic phenotypes No we have not changed the identity. Slide 7
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12.3.10 BIPN 140 Last Lecture - 12.3.10 BIPN 140 Nicholas...

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