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BIPN 140 LECT #12 1 DKBerg SYNAPTIC PLASTICITY II I. Molecular Mechanisms of LTP (cont’d) A. Review 1. Postsyn calcium requirement 2. NMDA receptors 3. CaMKII **FIGURE 8.11**. B. Recruitment of AMPA receptors 1. LTP (at CA3 syns onto CA1) – rapid recruitment of pre-existing AMPA receptors to the synapse Diag: **FIGURE 8.12a/c**. 2. Roles of AMPA Receptor Subtypes (heteromers w 4 subs) a) GluR1-containing receptors (lacking GluR2) - appear early in development - have high relative calcium permeability - undergo activity-dependent insertion into postsynaptic membrane; serve as “place holders” b) GluR2-containing receptors - appear later in development - have low calcium permeability (when RNA edited) - undergo constituitive insertion into synapses, replacing GluR1s Diag: C. Role of protein synthesis in LTP
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