BIPN 140 Lecture 17 11.23.10

BIPN 140 Lecture 17 11.23.10 - BIPN 140 Lecture 17 Podcast...

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BIPN 140 Lecture 17 Podcast 11.23.10 Lecture 15 on slides Final Exam: Friday, De 10, 7-10pm, 107 Solis (here) Review Session: Thurs, Dec 9, 7-9pm, 3500 Pac Hall SYNAPSE FORMATION (Outline with added comments) I. Synaptic Structural Complexity - examples A. Vertebrate Neuromuscular Junction (NMJ) (Large Synapse) (Post synaptive folds with presynaptic vesicles) (10^4 receptors almost crystalline packed) (Pre synaptic site) Sketch: B. Glutamatergic Spine Synapses in the CNS **FIGURE: EM image of NMJ** **Box 7Bb-e **. (presynaptic with vesicles) (post synaptic with f actin forming the spine) II. NMJ Development – original model system A. Morphological Features 1. Initial contact ----() 2. Multiple synapses – several cholinergic synapses ====() 3. Monosynaptic – mediated by competition back to the -----() 4. Maturation: infolding, basal lamina, Schwann cells Slide 2 NMJ active zone of frog Slide 3 cartoon of glutamate synapse; presynaptic gluton, mitochondria Slide 4 Dendritic Spines (100s have been identified in spines) **FIGURE 23.10** **FIGURE 23.11**. III. Regulation of Postsynaptic nAChRs at the NMJ - Numbers A. Role of Activity 1. Denervation (cut the nerve) produces increase in (receptors outside the synapse) extrajunctional nAChRs (just like what is seen in embryonic conditions) 2. Test: stimulate denervated muscle – retains innervated nAChR distribution. Conclude: activity controls the distribution of the Ach receptor on the muscle (podcast 23:00-25:00)3. Mechanism: -Ach decrease AChR synthesis and causes increase to AChr internalization -activity reduces extrajunctional nAChR synthesis (turnsover rapidly; lost); stabilizes junctional (turns over slowly; retained). B. Role of Trophic Factors – Neuregulin (only where nerve terminal is)(ARIA)(acetyl choline receptor IA) 1. Source: Motorneuron secretes it 2. Actions: Binds to ErbB receptors on muscle increases nAChR synthesis IV. Regulation of NMJ nAChR Distribution A. Nerve Effects (in culture) 1. nerve induces nAChR clusters 2. nerve can redistributes existing clusters to nerve sites Sketch: had tube in a cultured dish; here is a nerve going in; you would see fluorescent clusters and you let it go a few hours; as the nerve grows the myotube has nerve zig zag across and the
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BIPN 140 Lecture 17 11.23.10 - BIPN 140 Lecture 17 Podcast...

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