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BIPN 140 LECT #15 1 DKBerg SYNAPSE FORMATION I. Synaptic Structural Complexity - examples A. Vertebrate Neuromuscular Junction (NMJ) Sketch: B. Glutamatergic Spine Synapses in the CNS **FIGURE: EM image of NMJ** **Box 7Bb-e **. II. NMJ Development – original model system A. Morphological Features 1. Initial contacts 2. Multiple synapses 3. Monosynaptic – mediated by competition 4. Maturation: infolding, basal lamina, Schwann cells **FIGURE 23.10** **FIGURE 23.11**. III. Regulation of Postsynaptic nAChRs at the NMJ - Numbers A. Role of Activity 1. Denervation produces increase in extrajunctional nAChRs (like embryonic condition) Sketch: den & fetal muscle: 2. Test: stimulate denervated muscle – retains innervated nAChR distribution. 3. Mechanism: activity reduces extrajunctional nAChR synthesis (turnsover rapidly; lost); stabilizes junctional (turns over slowly;
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