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List of Topics for ANS 282, Fall 2010 1. Introduction to the pet and companion animal world Brief history of Animals Classification Population numbers Economics of pets Money and services 2. General Nutrition Enzymes Water Carbohydrates – sugars, starches and Fiber Fats and Lipids and Oils Sterols and complex fats and cholesterol Proteins and Amino Acids Pet food ingredients 3. Vitamins Role in the body Fat soluble vitamins Function and deficiencies Water soluble vitamins “B” vitamins, C, Folic acid and others Function and deficiencies Minerals – Macro / Micro Deficiencies 4. Fish and water pets Anatomy and Body Features Some species for aquaria Koi Aquarium operation Filters / plants / decorations Nitrogen cycle Fish nutrition Fish reproduction Diseases Exam one – Approx October 4 th or 6th 5. Dogs
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Unformatted text preview: History of dogs and wolves Groups of dogs Breeds of dogs Kennel clubs Choosing a dog Diseases and health Poop Dog care / dangers 6. Dog Reproduction 7. Human – Animal Bond - Dogs 8. Cats Classification and varieties Associations and breeds Anatomical features Patterns and breeds Reproduction Care and Litter Nutrition Health and dangers Exam 2 – Approx Nov 1st 9. Birds History Anatomy and anatomical features Falconry Pigeons and doves Breeds Hookbills – Psittacines Passerines Cages Training Toxins and dangers Feathers and feather picking 10. Avian Nutrition 11. Avian Reproduction Exam 3 – Approx Nov 22nd 12. Reptiles Snakes Lizards 13. Rabbits 14. Ferrets 15. Guinea Pigs Final exam –Thursday, December 16 12:45 – 2:45 PM...
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