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TEST BANK Robert J. Lemke Lake Forest College Fall 2008 Labor Economics 5 th Edition George Borjas Chapter Ten 1. Which of the following do unions usually advertise to its members and potential members? A. High wages. B. Steady employment. C. An exit voice. D. A powerful political lobby. E. All of the above. Ans: E 2. Which of the following attributes are least associated with union jobs and contracts? 3. Union jobs are highly sought out: 4. The wage-employment outcomes described by the contract curve 5. Which of the following is not associated with a strike? A. Strikes are costly to the firm. B. Strikes are costly to the union. 1
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C. The probability of striking is generally pro-cyclical. D. Strike duration is generally pro-cyclical. E. If the union makes wage offers, it will do so according to a downward-sloping resistance curve. Ans: D 6. Which of the following does not describe the historical patterns of unionization and strike activity in the United States?
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