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Lab 2 Ex 07 - Wednesday October 6 2010 Lab Two 1 Binomial...

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010 Lab Two- 1 Mr. Phillips Binomial Distribution: Excel:2007 This lab uses the binomial distribution as a descriptive tool to show the shape of the distribution as it varies with different parameters. I. In Roman numeral one, we examine the case of a fair coin and flipping it various times, i.e. a sequence of Bernoulli trials, where the number of trials varies. A. In cell C3, type one flip of a fair coin. In cell C5 type n, the number of trials and in C6 and C7 type 1. In cell D5 type k the number of heads or successes and in cell D6 type 0 and in Cell D7 type 1. In cell E5 type p for probability and in cell E6 type an equal sign =, and choose binomdist. For number_s, select cell D6. For trials, select cell C6, for probability type in 0.5, and for cumulative type in false to get the density function. Hit OK and drag from E6 through E7. B. To illustrate the distribution, select D6 through E7 and insert (heading or menu next to home) a scatter diagram. If necessary switch row and column ( below insert heading). Select the layout heading and put a chart title above the graph and type One Flip of a Fair Coin. Select legend and choose None. Select axis titles and for the horizontal axis type Number of
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Lab 2 Ex 07 - Wednesday October 6 2010 Lab Two 1 Binomial...

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