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1 CSE120 Principles of Operating Systems Prof Yuanyuan (YY) Zhou Lecture 15: Distributed Systems Nov 18, 2010 What is a Distributed System? Cooperating processes in a computer network Degree of integration Loose: Internet applications, email, web browsing Medium: remote execution, remote file systems Tight: distributed file systems 11/17/2010 CSE 120 2 Benefits Performance: parallelism across multiple nodes Google file systems, BigTable, MapReduce, hadoop, etc Reliability and fault tolerance Redundancy E.g.: Google search engine Scalability by adding more nodes 11/17/2010 CSE 120 3 CSE 120 4 Clients and Servers The prevalent model for structuring distributed computation is the client/server paradigm A server is a program (or collection of programs) that provide a service (file server, name service, etc.) The server may exist on one or more nodes Often the node is called the server, too, which is confusing A client is a program that uses the service A client first binds to the server (locates it and establishes a connection to it) A client then sends requests , with data, to perform actions , and the servers sends responses , also with data 11/17/2010
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