Assignment - a take over The United States government was...

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Assignment: Cold War Ideology and Policies · Describe how the Cold War ideology that crystallized after WWII changed wartime alliances that had existed during the war. Describe how American Cold War policies and practices influenced international relations from the late 1940s to the mid-1950s. During the WWII period, the Soviet Union was allied with The United States and Great Britain. Through out the war The United States and the Soviet Union had trade agreements that helped the anti-Nazi cause. The Lend-Lease act of 1941 had The United States sending the Soviet Union materials to help keep them in the fight against Nazi Germany. Once Stalin had taken over Eastern Europe, the Cold War began its reign over society. The United States and the Soviet Union completely stopped trading. Stalin started building a large military inside his own boarders and other nations started seeing this as a possible precursor to another Nazi Germany. There was a widespread hysteria concerning the spread of Communism and the worry of
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Unformatted text preview: a take over. The United States government was worried about a Soviet Union invasion. The Soviet Union was conveniently worried directly about the increasing number of American coalition forces in most parts of Europe and the Middle East. This eventually turned into a battle of pride as some saw it. Who could build the stronger and larger military force and who could yield the most prominent threat? The international relations changed during the Cold War. Nations across the globe had to change their style of business to either support Communism or Democracy. If you were a trade partner of one then you were the enemy of the other. The world feared The United States and the Soviet Union equally at in this time period, making the decision almost a gamble on who would prevail the strongest and the victor nation. Luckily for civilization as we know it today, the war that could have been titled WWII will remain a mere chapter in our history books....
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Assignment - a take over The United States government was...

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