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Gen 105 Colleen Flannery 07/30/2010 I ran into an old friend the other day during our conversation Betty asked what I had been up to lately. I told Betty that I just went back to school with University of Phoenix I am excited to get started in my new education. With the freedom of doing my classes online it gives me the time to take care of my family and continue with work. Betty asked, “How does it work”? It is easy just sign-in on your website the whole classroom is in forums where we communicate with other classmates through threaded discussions . ”What you do not have face-to-face contact with your classmates or teacher?” Betty asked. No, which is the superior thing about online education I log on
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Unformatted text preview: to a website and participate in the forums through threaded communication. This allows all students to log on when it is convenient for them leave comments, ask questions, and leave feedback for other students. With all of the students logging in at different times this communication is asynchronous communication . Betty was surprised about the benefits that taking classes online brought. I told Betty that she should check out getting her degree it is a great way to get an education that helps with advancing a career or changing career altogether. As we went our separate ways Betty told me good luck and keep in touch. I said thank you have a good day....
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