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Paper proposals were due today, and received some, but not as many as I thought. Attached are some  suggestions for papers that was supposed to be part of the file of papers to read. Since it did not get included, I  will give you one more week to get me a paper proposal. Also attached is an update of websites from page 16  that I prepared to the new edition of the book. I think I already gave you those, but I am reattaching them. Resources for a Paper on Public Opinion 1. Look at the websites for public opinion listed at the end of chapter 1. 2. Look for articles using public opinion data in the following journals: - Public Opinion Quarterly - American Journal of Political Science - Journal of Politics - Political Behavior - Political Psychology - American Political Science Review 3. One approach to a paper is to analyze a particular concept in the literature. An example is “party identification.” You would trace the concept back to its beginnings.
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Paper proposals email -...

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