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Public Opinion Fall 2009 Instructor: Kent Tedin Answer four questions (The questions to be answered will be selected by the instructor on the day of the exam) 1. When it comes to public opinion surveys, what is sampling error and what is the confidence level? If a sample of 600 shows 30% approve of the way Barak Obama is doing his job as President, how is that number interpreted in terms of sampling error and the confidence level? Discuss how random digit dialing works and how sampling is done within households. 2. What are straw polls? Why was the Literary Digest so off the mark in its 1936 Presidential election survey? Why was the Gallup Poll wrong in 1948 when it predicted that Dewey would beat Truman? Why was Connie Chung wrong in 1992 when, following the State of Union address, she told Dan Rather and a TV audience that “53% were financially worse off than five years ago. It is important to note that this is quite dramatic.” 3. Answer the following regarding question wording effects. A. One of the most dramatic question order effects is the “Communist reporter/American reporter.”
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public opinion pretest0 - Public Opinion Fall 2009...

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