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Group Project – Article Review Political Science 3314, Fall 2009 Instructor: James Thurmond October 8, 2009 Each student will participate as a member of a group that reviews a scholarly article related to public administration. Each group will produce a class presentation, and each individual member of the group will prepare a two page paper on the article. Each group will have a different article. The class presentation will consist of four distinct components, with each individual member of the group responsible for presenting a single component. For the two groups with three members, component four should be deleted. Teamwork is allowed on each component, and work must be shared. The only exception is for the work on the individual student’s two page paper – i.e., each student performs his/her own work. Bureaucratic shirkers or free-riders are prohibited. The components are listed below: 1. What is the author trying to explain or claim in the article?
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