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Globalization Midtermfa10 - effects on the global economy...

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Globalization Midterm. Two of the following four questions will appear on the midterm. 1. Discuss the rise of the first global economy as trading empires came to replace the agrarian bureaucracies of the premodern world. Your answer must include: a brief description of the agrarian bureaucracies, the factors that led to the rise of the trading empires, and a comparative discussion of the characteristics of the principal trading empires. 2. Write an essay analyzing the rise and influence of industrial capitalism. Your discussion must explore the factors that lead to the decline of Mercantilism and the rise of industrial capitalism, the features of industrial capitalism and its
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Unformatted text preview: effects on the global economy including the rise of colonial empires. 3. Discuss the causes and effects of the Great Depression and the post-war efforts to rebuild the international economic order. 4. Write an essay comparing and contrasting the following economic policy systems: New Deal regulated capitalism, totalitarian (fascist/communist) command economies, import substituting industrialization and neo-Liberalism. Note: Your answer must incorporate not only the material from the in-class lectures, but also factual material from the textbook where appropriate....
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