The Final Review - The Final Review provides information...

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The Final Review provides information that pertains to material covered thus far. Please review the chapters in the textbook, homework, quizzes, and lecture notes. We will have a review during next lecture. You are responsible for Chapters 1-17 in your textbook. Please refer to the “Midterm Review” folder in Blackboard for Chapters 1-8. The following Outlines are for Chapters 9-17.Chapter 9 Trade and the Balance of Payments Outline Introduction to the Current Account The Trade Balance The Current Account Balance Introduction to the Financial and Capital Accounts Types of Financial Flows Limits on Financial Flows Case Study: The Crisis of 2007–2009 and the Balance of Payments The Current Account and the Macroeconomy The National Income and Product Accounts Are Current Account Deficits Harmful? Case Study: Current Account Deficits in the United States Chapter 10 Exchange Rates and Exchange Rate Systems Outline Introduction: Fixed, Flexible, or In-Between? Exchange Rates and Currency Trading Reasons for Holding Foreign Currencies
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Institutions Exchange Rate Risk The Supply and Demand for Foreign Exchange Supply and Demand with Flexible Exchange Rates Exchange Rates in the Long Run Exchange Rates in the Medium Run and Short Run Case Study: The Largest Market in the World The Real Exchange Rate Alternatives to Flexible Exchange Rates Fixed Exchange Rate Systems Case Study: The End of the Bretton Woods System Choosing the Right Exchange Rate System Case Study: Is the NAFTA Region an Optimal Currency Area? Single Currency Areas
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The Final Review - The Final Review provides information...

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