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INTB 3351 Syllabus - Fall 2010 INTB 3351 History of...

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Fall 2010 INTB 3351 – History of Globalization Professor Thomas O’Brien 10814 Office: 546 Agnes Arnold W 1:00-2:30 Phone: 713-743-3099 160 MH [email protected] for emergencies Office Hrs: Tues: 9:00- 10:00 or by appt. Teaching Assistants: Office: 325M Melcher Hall Phone: 713-743-2672 E-Mail: Blackboard Nichole Barnes (Groups Maroon, Violet, Navy) Office hours: M 1-2:30; W 3-4 Brittany Hancock (Groups Cinnamon , Cherry, Aqua,) Office hours: M 4:00-5:00 W 2:45- 3:45 Tracy Butler (Groups Crimson, Bronze, Green) Office hours: T 4-5:00 W 12:00-1:00 Overview This course offers a broad overview of “globalization” in modern world history by examining the evolution of international business and the world economy in the 19 th and 20 th centuries. In the first part of the course, we will survey the history of the world economy and the structural features of globalization during the past two centuries; in the second, we will examine the history of four different sectors of international business from the late 19 th century forward; and finally, we will look at the impact of increasing international economic integration on wealth, poverty, and inequality on a global scale and analyze recent trends in more detail. Objectives This class invites you to go further than mastering concrete historical facts about globalization. It asks you to think historically, to develop your own explanations for why the past unfolded as it did, rather than along some other path. In addition to expanding your knowledge base, this course aims to improve your oral and written expression of ideas and sharpen your skills in critical reading and writing. You should be able to evaluate debates over globalization and take a position in those debates by marshalling historical evidence. Ultimately, this class is designed enable you to see the historical and global connectedness of your own life and to give you historical background and understanding vital to a business career in the new global economy. Academic Credit toward BBA For business majors under the old curriculum, this course will count either toward an International Area Studies (IAS) Minor or as an Advanced Business Elective, but not 1
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both. It will automatically count on your Academic Audit toward any of the IAS minors. If you would rather count it as an Advanced Business Elective, please email Tammy Mace, Advising Assistant, at [email protected] , to automate this request. Hybrid Format/Blackboard This course is being conducted in a “hybrid format;” that is, a combination of in-class lectures and outside-of-class, on-line discussions and assignments. We will meet once a week in class, on Wednesday in 160 MH, 1-2:30 p.m. The other part of the class will be fulfilled through on-line assignments, discussions, etc. The course schedule is broken down by week (below).
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