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Clicker Instructions and Policies for INTB 3352 This document addresses frequently asked questions about clicker use, policies and grading. More information (regarding which model to purchase, where to purchase and so on) can be found here . What academic honesty policies apply to Clicker use? The same academic honesty policies apply to the use of clickers in class as they do to any online or paper quiz, test or assignment . You should operate only your own clicker. Using more than one clicker (operating one on someone else’s behalf) is considered academic dishonesty and will invite consequences. Please uphold the values of our college and do not allow anyone else to operate your Clicker. How can I register my Clicker? What if I lose my Clicker? On your course home page, you will find a link to register your device. Click on this link and follow the instructions for registration. You will need your device ID. This six-character alphanumeric ID is located below the barcode. Mark your clicker. Since all clickers look the same, it is recommended that you mark yours with a unique identifier. The Device ID on the back should be noted and stored in a secure place. If for any reason you change your Clicker after registration (such as when you lose your Clicker and replace it with a new one), make sure to register the new device in all your classes again. Once you do that, it is important that you inform the instructors of all your courses that are using clickers
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This note was uploaded on 12/08/2010 for the course POLS AND I 3351, 3352 taught by Professor Carlton,tedin,le,o'brien during the Spring '09 term at University of Houston.

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Clicker Instructions and Policies.INTB3352 - Clicker...

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