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Instructions for Extra Credit Online Assignment - Week 6

Instructions for Extra Credit Online Assignment - Week 6 -...

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INSTRUCTIONS FOR EXTRA CREDIT ONLINE ASSIGNMENT – Week 6 Click and Read: “Water is Running Out” by Moureen Lamonge After finishing reading, please click on Week 6 Extra Credit Assessment, which can be found in Week 6 folder to answer questions based on the reading.
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Unformatted text preview: The assessment will be available from September 29 after class till October 6 before class. The attempts allowed – one time, and duration allowed– six hours. IMPORTANT: Please remember to save your answers before click on Finish when taking the assessment....
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  • Spring '09
  • Carlton,Tedin,Le,O'Brien
  • English-language films, six hours, EXTRA CREDIT ONLINE, Extra Credit Assessment, Moureen Lamonge

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