Midterm Review for fall 2010 - WEEK 2 LECTURE OUTLINES FOR...

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Unformatted text preview: WEEK 2 LECTURE OUTLINES FOR “Transforming Today’s Students into Tomorrow’s Global Citizens” (The article is in Week 13 Folder) 1. Define global citizenship and explain the three main aspects of global citizenship. (p.6 & 18) 2. What is global competency and are US undergraduate students prepare to undertake the challenges of a globalized environment? (p.7) 3. What should be taught to students regarding global citizenship? (p.6 &8) 4. What some key methods that can be utilized in teaching globalization? (p.9-11) READING GUIDE FOR Click to Read: “Ethics Must Be global, Not Local” 1. What is “situation ethics”? And what are the consequences of “situation ethics” in the context of businesses going global? (p.1) 2. What is the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FPCA)? (p.1) 3. What are some shortcomings despite that good ethics is good business? (p.2) LINK : Global Ethics: Beyond Local Leadership • What the three methods for developing global ethics? What is a shortcoming of each method? LINK : Inside the Knockoff-Tennis-Shoe Factory • What does the term “zhanshai” implies regarding counterfeiting in China and what is its implications? WEEK 3 The Four Ps of Globalization • What are the four Ps? Postwar Juncture Timeline • What is a postwar juncture? And what are the three factors that allow the winning state to transform the international system? • What are the two views on 9/11 as a postwar juncture? • What are the two views on the 2008 financial crisis in the context of the “end of history”? Conceptualizing Globalization • Summarize the main features as espoused by the hyperglobalists....
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Midterm Review for fall 2010 - WEEK 2 LECTURE OUTLINES FOR...

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