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READING GUIDE for State Capitalism

READING GUIDE for State Capitalism - capitalism And what is...

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READING GUIDE FOR “State Capitalism and the Crisis” by Ian Bremmer Click to Read: “State Capitalism and the Crisis” (PDF in Week 5 Folder) 1. What is state capitalism and how is this playing out in the energy market? (p.3) 2. Explain the role of sovereign wealth funds and their role in financing state
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Unformatted text preview: capitalism? And what is the effect of state capitalism n the financial markets? (p.3-4) 3. Who are the potential winners and losers in state capitalism? (p.4) 4. What are the second-order effects as result of state capitalism? (p.5) 5. Will state capitalism reverse in the near future? (p. 5-6)...
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