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Table Conceptualizing Globalization

Table Conceptualizing Globalization - hierarchies Increased...

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Table Conceptualizing Globalization: Three Tendencies Hyperglobalists Sceptics Transformationalists Dominant features Global capitalism, global governance, Global civil society World less interdependent than in 1890s ‘Thick’ (intensive and extensive) globalization Power of national governments Declining or eroding Reinforced or enhanced Reconstituted, restructured Driving forces of globalization Capitalism and technology States and markets Combined forces of modernity Pattern of stratification Erosion of old
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Unformatted text preview: hierarchies Increased marginalization of South New architecture of world order Dominant motif McDonalds, Madonna, etc. National interest Transformation of political community Historical trajectory Global civilization Regional blocs/class of civilizations Indeterminate: global integration and fragmentation Summary argument The end of the nation-state Internationalization depends on state acquiescence and support Globalization transforming state power and world politics...
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