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Registering for MyEconLab in CourseCompass Dear Student: Your instructor is requiring MyEconLab, an online assessment and tutorial system, for this course. To access MyEconLab, you will need to complete a one-time registration process, after which you’ll be able to access the site for the rest of the course. If you purchased a new textbook, it should have come with a Student Access Kit that contains a code you can use to register. If you do not have a Student Access Kit, you can purchase access online with a major credit card. To Register: Go to http://www.coursecompass.com and click the Register button under Students. Review the Before You Start information to ensure you have everything you need to register; click Next. On the Course ID page: Enter this Course ID carlton28687 and click on Find Course Choose your enrollment method If your student access code came packaged with your textbook, select Access Code.
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Unformatted text preview: • Select “Buy Now” to purchase online access using your credit card. • Enter your student access code as displayed; use the tab key to move from box to box and use all CAPITAL LETTERS when entering the access code. Click Next. • Follow the rest of the on-screen instructions. To Log In: • Go to www.coursecompass.com and click on Log In. • Enter your login name and password and click Log in. • On the MyCourseCompass page, click on the course name to enter your instructor’s course. To purchase a discounted version of your printed textbook: • Login to MyEconLab and go to the Student Center . • See Buy a Textbook or eText For help with registration: If you have trouble registering or logging in, you can contact Pearson Education Customer Technical Support. • Web site: http://247.support.pearsoned.com/ • Telephone: 1-800-677-6337 (Monday–Friday 8:00 a.m.–8:00 p.m. ET)...
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