Textbook Reading for INTB 3353 Fall 2010 Midterm

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Textbook Reading for INTB 3353 Fall 2010 Midterm Chapter 1 The United States in a Global Economy PAGES 2-15 Chapter 2 International Economic Institutions since WWII PAGES 17-23 AND PAGES 28-37 o Case Study: The GATT Rounds o Case Study: Bretton Woods Chapter 3 Comparative Advantage and the Gains from Trade PAGES 40-60 o Case Study: Comparative Advantage in a Single Natural Resource Chapter 4 Comparative Advantage and Factor Endowments PAGES 63-71 AND PAGES 86-88 Chapter 5 Beyond Comparative Advantage PAGES 93-99, PAGES 101-104 AND PAGES 108-115 o Case Study: United States and Canada Trade AND
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Unformatted text preview: Case Study: Subsidizing Commercial Aircraft Chapter 6 The Theory of Tariffs and Quotas • PAGES 119-127 AND PAGES 132-137 o Case Study: A Comparison of Tariff Rates, Case Study: The Uruguay and Doha Rounds AND Case Study: Intellectual Property Rights and Trade Chapter 7 Commercial Policy • PAGES 140-156 Chapter 8 International Trade, Labor and Environmental Standards • PAGES 158-176 o Case Study: Income, Environment, and Society AND Case Study: Child Labor ***NOTE: All Case Studies you are responsible for are indicated on this page***...
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