POLS3319 Syllabus - 59 69-9-67=87C- B+ A 6379470=93= B = 66...

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94 or Above = A 90 - 93 = A- 89 - 87 = B+ 86 - 84 = B 83 - 80 = B- 79 - 77 = C+ 76 - 74 = C 73 - 70 = C- 69 - 67 = D+ 66 - 64 = D 63 - 60 = D- 59 or Below = Political Science 3319 Fall 2010 The Politics of Social Policy Section: 31599 Lecture: Tuesday 11:30 to 1:00. Heyne, Room 28 Required Text : Rodgers, American Poverty in a New Era of Reform, 2006 Hacker, The Great Risk Shift, 2007 Wilson, More than Just Race: Being Black and Poor In the Inner City 2009 CLASS STAFF Instructor: Dr. Harrell R. Rodgers Pauline Yelderman Professor, Department of Political Science Office: 406 PGH Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday: 9-12PM and by appointment E-mail: hrodgers@uh.edu (Communicate with Professor Rodgers at this address) Web Site: http://www.uh.edu/~dsocs3 Teaching Assistants : Anjali Kanojia email: Kanoja@gmail.com Chris Nicholson email: Cnicholson42@gmail.com Class Tech: Sharat Kuncha email: vkuncha@central.uh.edu Office: 426 PGH – ( Hours by Appointment)
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Reference Materials: Poverty in the United States. Summary of annual census count of the American poor. The Census Bureau publishes a yearly report. It is Current Population Reports, Series P60. Latest version is for 2009. You can find the report and other data on welfare and health insurance coverage on www.census.gov . Green Book. Published every other year by the Committee on Ways and Means, U.S. House of Representatives. Overview of all major social welfare programs, including statistical data on welfare populations and demographic trends. This is an excellent source for detailed information. Either Google “Green Book” or go to gpoaccess.gov/green/index.html. Income in the United States. Summary of annual census on income of Americans. See census.gov web site and click on Income. Families and Living Arrangements. Summary of yearly census on American households. Published about every two years. Series P20 of the Census data. Google “Families and Living Arrangements.” Annual Statistical Supplement to the Social Security Bulletin. Published yearly. Data are reasonably current. Good data on major social welfare programs. . Kids Count Data Book. Published yearly be the Annie Casey Foundation. High quality data on child demographics by state. Trends in the Well-Being of American’s Children and Youth: Publication by Health and Human Services. See apse.os.dhhs.gov . The State of American Children Yearbook. Published yearly by the Children’s Defense Fund. Excellent data. Indicators of Welfare Dependence, Annual Report to Congress. Published Yearly by Health and Human Services. Status Report on Research on the Outcomes of Welfare Reform. Annual report Health and Human Services . TANF Annual Report to Congress.
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POLS3319 Syllabus - 59 69-9-67=87C- B+ A 6379470=93= B = 66...

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