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Anti-Poverty Programs: Increases in Enrollments and Cost since Late 2007 I. Medicaid. Enrollment now is over 50 million. Up 17% since the recession. Current cost about $273 billion. II. Food Stamps. Enrollment is now over 40 million. Up about 50%in enrollments and 80% in costs (about $70 billion now). III. Unemployment Insurance. Up about 400%. The 26 week limit has been extended eight times. The long-
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Unformatted text preview: term unemployed can receive benefits for up to 99 weeks. Caseloads reached 12 million in January; the highest on record. Expenditures of $43 billion in 2007 have risen to $160 billion. Average benefit is about $300 a week, but varies significantly by state. IV. TANF. Around 4.4 million recipients, an increase of 18%. Costs have risen about 24% to $22 billion....
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