ENTR3310 test 1 Review - Strategic alliances Sustainable...

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ENTRE Review Entre study of business under CEOs perspective 3 forms of management 3 basic elements of the business process Revenue – Cost = Profit Industrial revolution introduced traditional management Contingency management Traits for success belief commitment focus drive Overconfidence is the inability to recognize one’s limits Belief in the law of small numbers Illusion of control Law of supply and demand and how the equation works Elastic and inelastic markets Gross margin and how it is calculated Poor pricing Inflation Price and wage controls Price gouging Target market Psychographic Demographic Direct sales people Marketing collateral
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Unformatted text preview: Strategic alliances Sustainable competitive advantage Intellectual property to sustain competitive advantage Sales commission Party plan selling Multi-level marketing and network selling Multiple revenue streams Collections Revenue and cost elements combine to make operations in a business Primary element for the business process is REVENUE Three categories of cost are cost of goods sold, selling cost, general administrative Capital is made up of equity and debt Volume and gross margin are the 2 most critical sub-elements In a feasibility study the revenue potential should be researched early...
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ENTR3310 test 1 Review - Strategic alliances Sustainable...

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