Exam, 1st -- take home portion, Fall 2009

Exam, 1st -- take home portion, Fall 2009 - to provide a...

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Instructor James Thurmond Political Science 3314 First Exam – Take-Home Portion September 24, 2009 Take-Home portion – Complete and turn in with the exam at 10 AM, Thursday, September 24 . Your response to the following question should not exceed two pages. Your answer is worth 30 points. The essay must be typed (double-spaced). Put your name on the first page only. You will turn in the essay before taking the exam. Late essays will receive a reduced grade. You are a consultant who has been hired by the Texas Health and Human Services Commission to analyze the problem of worker overload in the Commission’s food stamp offices in the Houston area (see attached Houston Chronicle article dated Sept. 6, 2009). As the consultant, you should apply what we have covered in class and in the Henry book (chapters 1-4) to either explain why the problem is occurring or
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Unformatted text preview: to provide a solution to the problem (if you are really ambitious you can do both). You will be graded for how much of the class material and/or Henry book you bring into your answer. Also, grammar will be graded. Use spell-check! Hint: A good technique for problem-solving is to use the book and/or your notes as a checklist. This will give you ideas of what you might address in either your problem explanation or your solution – e.g., is democratic control or lack thereof a problem; are constraints a problem; is the type of organizational model a problem; could some of the human relations approaches help; does contingency theory explain anything; is the environment a factor; what administrative tactics might help; etc? The list is much longer than these examples but you should get the idea. Good luck. 1 2...
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Exam, 1st -- take home portion, Fall 2009 - to provide a...

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