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checkpoint online research - Axia students it has opened my...

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Running head: CHECKPOINT: ONLINE RESEARCH 1 Checkpoint: Online Research Colleen Flannery Gen 105 August 4, 2010 Suchitra Abel
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CHECKPOINT: ONLINE RESEARCH 2 Checkpoint: Online Research When conducting research in a traditional library there are limits to what materials that is available on hand. This requires writing everything down or take copies to make use of in notes from at a later time. When using the Internet to research a subject unlimited availability on the subject matter is right at the touch of your fingers. With the use of the Internet the ability to cut and paste references and articles into your paper makes for time saving. With going through the tutorial on the online library and seeing what was available to
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Unformatted text preview: Axia students it has opened my eyes to even more ways to the research besides just using Google, Bing, etc. I know with the availability to use the online library as a resource tool for the writing assignments that are assigned during my classes I can use it to succeed in class. I was amazed the detail and available search options built into the online library. With the section on business the ability to search business journals was amazing to me because I am going for a business degree. I am impressed with the amount of tools that I have seen so far to assist online students to succeed in classes and combine class with life outside of school....
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checkpoint online research - Axia students it has opened my...

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