Technological Tools - employers to establish online...

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Running head: TECHNOLOGICAL TOOLS 1 Technological Tools Colleen Flannery Gen 105 August 13, 2010 Suchitra Abel
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TECHNOLOGICAL TOOLS 2 Technological Tools Researching distant learning using Gale Power Search in the online library with Axia website I discovered several articles that give a wide variety of subtexts to choose from. I choose the following articles to summarize. With distant learning come a new style of learning and the use of more cognitive skills. Students and teachers only way of communicating in distant learning is through forums, assignments, and feedback. The feedback from other students and teachers alike is just as important in this forum as if sitting in a class listening to the teacher speak directly to the entire class as once. With the use of asynchronous communication the teacher and students can assist each other in helping push past any limitations that may occur. With the use of multi-agent programs it allows colleges, universities and even
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Unformatted text preview: employers to establish online learning tools that will provide appropriate tracking and learning of much needed material. With multi-agent learning systems comes the availability to provide these learning tools to a distant and diverse group of people. Providing this type of learning either through the company intranet or the ability to provide it thru the Internet allows cost control through cutting the need for additional employees to capture the data. TECHNOLOGICAL TOOLS 3 References Notar, C. E., Wilson, J. D., & Ross, K. G. (2002, Summer). Distant learning for the development of higher-level of cognitive skills. General One File, 122 (4), 642+. Woda, M., & Piotr, M. (2005, September). Distance learning system: multi-agent approach. Journal of Digital Information Management, 3 (3), p 198....
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Technological Tools - employers to establish online...

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