Detecting Plagiarism

Detecting Plagiarism - complete original work. With this...

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Running head: CHECKPOINT: DETECTING PLAGERISM 1 Checkpoint: Detecting Plagiarism Colleen C Flannery Gen 105 August 19, 2010 Suchitra Abel
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CHECKPOINT: DETECTING PLAGERISM 2 Checkpoint: Detecting Plagiarism After reviewing this week’s assignment I have the following concerns. The assignment was submitted to the plagiarism checker and came back with a 100% rating. This tells me that you did not write the assignment that you submitted as original work. Coping work that someone else wrote is covered in the Student Code of Academic Integrity under Plagiarism. “Plagiarism is defined as intentional or unintentional representation of another’s words or ideas as your own in an academic exercise” (University of Phoenix, 2008, para. a). By coping work and submit as your own original work is dishonest and unfair to those students that work hard to
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Unformatted text preview: complete original work. With this misrepresentation on the assignment I will have to issue a failing grade. If this behavior continues or occurs on any future assignments I will have to forward the information to the administration to review and decide the appropriate punishment. Please keep in mind that plagiarism can take many forms. Forms include but not limited to resubmitting papers that were submitted in an earlier course, fabrication, or paraphrasing without proper documentation. So remember to cite and reference any material in your paper giving the original author credit for the material that was written. CHECKPOINT: DETECTING PLAGERISM 3 University of Phoenix. (2008). Student Code of Academic Integrity. Retrieved from University of Phoenix, Gen 105 website....
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This note was uploaded on 12/09/2010 for the course GEN GEN 105 taught by Professor Suchitraabel during the Winter '10 term at University of Phoenix.

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Detecting Plagiarism - complete original work. With this...

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