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Checkpoint 5 Setting Goals

Checkpoint 5 Setting Goals - breaks between classes My long...

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Running head: CHECKPOINT 5: SETTING GOALS 1 Checkpoint 5: Setting Goals Colleen Flannery Gen 105 August 27, 2010 Suchitra Abel
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CHECKPOINT 5: SETTING GOALS 2 Checkpoint 5: Setting Goals My long term goal in education is to complete my bachelor’s in business with a 3.5 by July 2015. This goal is achievable with my current educational plan that has been developed through the University of Phoenix. It has been my lifetime dream to get my college degree. A business degree will assist me in aligning my education with the experience obtained through job experience. To achieve my educational goal I will continue to complete my associates’ degree by April 2012. By maintaining current use of time management skills I will continue to submit assignments on time and apply feedback into my assignments. To complete my associates by April 2012 I will keep my current continued class schedule with no
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Unformatted text preview: breaks between classes. My long term personal goal is to purchase a home by the year 2016. This achievable goal aligns with my education plan to enable me to restart my career. With restarting my career in business it will allow me to obtain a home. To obtain my goal of acquiring a home of my own the first goal is to start my new career on September 3, 2010. I will begin making deposits in my savings account out of each paycheck to begin saving for the down payment on my home. The next goal will be to pay all credit off by December 2011. Once credit cards are paid off next will be to work on my credit report to clean it up and improve the rating. This is something that will take time I plan to have this complete by December 2014. With completing all short term goals I will spend the year of 2015 looking and purchasing my new home....
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Checkpoint 5 Setting Goals - breaks between classes My long...

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