checkpoint reading comprehension

checkpoint reading comprehension - Without a baseline you...

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Running head: CHECKPOINT: READING AND COMPREHENSION 1 Checkpoint: Reading and Comprehension Colleen Flannery Gen 105 September 08, 2010 Dr. Suchirta Abel
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CHECKPOINT: READING AND COMPREHENSION 2 Checkpoint: Reading and Comprehension Remove any unnecessary words or pictures from your presentation Practice what you are going to say until any nervous ticks are removed For the best response leave the jokes to the professionals Use slides or everyday items to draw attention to main points The audience did not attend to hear about you so keep on subject Speak in a level that your audience can comprehend Keep slides simple and to the point The approach that I took in reading the text for the speed evaluation was to just set a stopwatch and start reading.
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Unformatted text preview: Without a baseline you have no idea if you are improving or not. I will take this test again in a week or so to see if improvement has been made. After completing the reading test on page 140 of our text I am able to read at 168 words per minute. I believe that this is an adequate score even though I intend to work on improving it while continuing through my studies. I complete all of my reading in the comfort of my living quarters. In order to cut down or eliminate distractions I let everyone in the house know that I am going to go do my homework. The only reason anyone bothers me normally is for an emergency. For the times this does not work I lock the door so they cannot enter, and tell anyone who knocks to go away....
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checkpoint reading comprehension - Without a baseline you...

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