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Operating parameters for a PWR hot channel is given below. Compute and plot the mixture and phase velocity distributions. Determine the individual components of and the total pressure drop. Compare the results obtained using both equilibrium and non equilibrium models. You may assume the saturation properties are constant along the length of the channel and may be evaluated at the system pressure. PRESSURIZED WATER REACTOR PARAMETERS Pressure 2250 psia Coolant Mass Flux 2.50 x 10 6 lbm/hr-ft 2 Core Inlet Temperature 545 F Maximum Core Heat Flux 580,000 Btu/hr-ft 2 Rod Pitch 0.563 inches Rod Diameter 0.422 inches Fuel Height 144 inches Upper and Lower Tie Plate Loss Coefficient 3.5 Grid Loss Coefficient 0.5 Number of Grids/assembly 8 Axial Peak to Average Ratio 1.5 The axial heat flux may be taken to be ′′ ′′ + q z q z H e ( ) sin ( ) = 0 π λ You may assume the two-phase friction multiplier is given by the expression 75 . 1 2 2 ) 1 ( 1 20 1 x o + + = χ χ φ A where χ is the turbulent Martinelli parameter and given by χ μ μ ρ ρ 2 0 2 1 8 1 = f g g f x x . . and that the Homogeneous Multiplier derived in class is valid for the local losses.
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