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Basic Processes By: Robin Stepp Reproduction is interesting in any form so when asked to chose a basic process and describe how it differs among bacteria, grasshoppers, fish and bear I had to choose it over the other choices I had. While reading about each organism I found that bacteria reproduces asexually which basically means it divides and both halves are exact replicas, Grasshoppers copulate end to end and lay eggs that they do not care for. Fish have numerous different way depending on the species but usually the female will find a suitable spot and lay her eggs and a male will come and
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Unformatted text preview: fertilize them if she allows him too, usually there is an acceptance but no copulation. Bears being mammals reproduce by the female accepting a mate among a group of fighters and usually accept the strongest one for his dominate genes. The male mounts the female from behind and inseminates her. She then carries the fetuses to term and the babies are born live. Each organism was interesting to read about and learn how they each differ in certain physiological processes and also see how we as humans differ from them as well....
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