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Information Presentation E LEMENTS OF P AGE D ESIGN Page design layouts are most often depicted as gray blocks (the text) against a white background (the page) In a text heavy document, a good layout is critical to the reader’s comfort and ability to navigate. Create patterns that will become familiar to the reader with the organization of elements on the page First thing reader see is the overall pattern and contrast of the page, then bring focus on details. Repetition is a key to navigation regular repeating patterns will be easy for reader to learn the patterns and rhythms in document to prefect where information is likely to be located. H EADINGS Settle on as few headings styles and subtitles as necessary to organize the content, then use chosen styles consistently. MS Word headings should not be used more than 3 in a single page. Adding too many headings, indentation levels or other elements will scare readers off Headings should be consistent, form a logical hierarchy, and have more space around
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Information Presentation - Information Presentation...

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