Introducing Cascading Style Sheets

Introducing Cascading Style Sheets - I n t roducing...

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Unformatted text preview: I n t roducing Cascading Style Sheets Purpose of XHTM L is to create structure for the page content. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is used for the presentation-the formatting of your Web pages. Cascading Style Sheets provides a way to easily and efficiently format an unlimi ted n umber of Web pages so they have the same appearance. Cascading Style Sheets offers many advantages over XHTML: Greater consistency in Web site- apply styles you create in one document to some or all of the other pages in Web site Easily modified code- modify code to change the style of one page, all of the pages in Web site can change, helps to maintain a consistent design More f lexible formatting-format and position text in ways that you cannot w ith XHTML Greater functionality- many features of word-processing program such as tab i ndents, line spacing and margins. Current version of CSS is 2.1 All browsers would display all of the CSS properties and values and they would d isplay then in the same way. When a BDD feature appears in all browsers without any def ...
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