Article#2 - New RFID Standard Seen Aiding Banks

Article#2 - New RFID Standard Seen Aiding Banks - Vladimir...

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Vladimir Milosavljevic CIS 1200N Article #2 Bills, Steve (2008, December 23). New RFID Standard Seen Aiding Banks. American Banker , 173 , Retrieved March 12, 2009, from Radio frequency identification technology is very interesting to the banking sector. Reasons for that are that RFID can enable contactless payment cards and that computer servers and other assets in the data centers can be tagged using RFID. Financial Services Technology Consortium introduced new standard on tagging data centers equipment. The Consortium announced that it had published requirements for vendors to comply with the standard which is one of the final steps in the process of ratification of the standard. Mr. Fricke, chief of staff in the Consortium stated that new standard on RFID will certainly encouraged more vendors to tag their equipment and more industries to start using RFID. According to Mr. Fricke, bankers found that with RFID rather than with bar codes they can lower time
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