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Homework # 2 - V ladimir M ilosavljevic 1200N e-mail v...

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Vladimir Milosavljevic CIS 1200N e-mail: [email protected] Homework #2 Should all major retailing and manufacturing companies switch from barcodes to RFID? Why or why not? If we look back into the past, we would see that RFID is first introduced and used as an espionage tool. However, in these days RFID devices are widely used in so many ordinary aspects of human life. RFID technology is used for race timing, transportation payments, product tracking, for tracking of the inventory in the system, books in the libraries, for school and university ID cards, for tagging products in the retailing industry and even, according to the latest news, RFID is going to be used for some kind of human implants. Although RFID is used or going to be used in many industries, the issue that is getting a lot of attention right now is the usage of RFID technology in the retailing and manufacturing industries and replacements of traditional products’ barcodes with new RFID technology enabled tags. The usage of RFID tags instead of barcodes should lead to lower costs in almost every part of manufacturing and retailing industries. The best examples for this is Wal-Mart, the company which is cost leader and in order to keep low prices on their articles they have to minimize
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Homework # 2 - V ladimir M ilosavljevic 1200N e-mail v...

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