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Flooding and Flood Management Flooding is a _____________ occurrence and it happens when ____________ becomes so great that it exceeds the capacity of the main channel. The CAUSE of flooding is anything that increases amount of ___________. Three events that may lead to flooding are: 1. Rapid rainfall 2. Rapid melting of snow (in spring) 3. Faulty levee or dam Flooding- Historical Perspective Flooding has not always been seen as a negative event, or only categorized as a natural disaster. Consider the positive impact of flooding along the banks of the Nile River in Ancient Egypt. The Nile’s floodwaters in Egypt would leave mineral-rich sediment deposits that produced more fertile land for crop growth. Why are modern floods more disastrous than those of the past? Two main reasons: 1. Removal of water-absorbing plant cover from soil 2. Construction of buildings on floodplains a. A _____________ is the _________ around a river that may flood Runoff vs. Infiltration Therefore, in order to understand or predict when flooding may occur, it is important to know what enhances runoff vs. ___________ Page 1 of 5
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Runoff is the portion of rain or melting snow that is not absorbed by the ground but moves downhill to a natural drainage system Infiltration is the process by which water enters the ___________ The following enhance runoff: 1. _________ rain event a. Water can’t be absorbed in ground quickly enough 2. _______ slopes a. Again, not enough time for water to sink in 3. _______ soil a. Small pores, low permeability prevents water from absorbing into the clay 4. Urban development
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Flooding and Flood Management_fillin version - Flooding and...

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