8-12 - C a red blood cell surrounded by plasma D a...

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If a membrane protein in an animal cell is involved in the cotransport of glucose and sodium ions into the cell, which of the  following is most likely true? Question options:  A) The sodium ions are moving down their electrochemical gradient while glucose is moving up. B) Glucose is entering the cell along its concentration gradient. C) Sodium ions can move down their electrochemical gradient through the cotransporter whether or not  glucose is present outside the cell. D) Potassium ions move across the same gradient as sodium ions. E) A substance that blocked sodium ions from binding to the cotransport protein would also block the  transport of glucose. Question 10 2 / 2 points In which of the following would there be the greatest need for osmoregulation? Question options:  A) an animal connective tissue cell bathed  in isotonic body fluid B) a terrestrial animal such as a snake
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Unformatted text preview: C) a red blood cell surrounded by plasma D) a lymphocyte before it has been taken back into lymph fluid E) a plant being grown hydroponically (in a watery mixture of designated nutrients) Question 11 2 / 2 points Ions diffuse across membranes down their Question options: A) chemical gradients. B) concentration gradients. C) electrical gradients. D) electrochemical gradients. E) A and B are correct. Question 12 0 / 2 points Glucose diffuses slowly through artificial phospholipid bilayers. The cells lining the small intestine, however, rapidly move large quantities of glucose from the glucose-rich food into their glucose-poor cytoplasm. Using this information, which transport mechanism is most probably functioning in the intestinal cells? Question options: A) simple diffusion B) phagocytosis C) active transport pumps D) exocytosis E) facilitated diffusion...
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8-12 - C a red blood cell surrounded by plasma D a...

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